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Océano Diccionarios
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Océano Diccionarios is a resource center specifically designed for libraries, educational entities, and corporations that allow users to consult via Internet dictionary entries ang grammatical specifications.

Océano Diccionarios allows users to consult over 350,000 dictionary entries and grammatical specifications via Internet.

Océano Diccionarios has an advanced search tool, developed by Océano, which retrieves from the databases the most relevant results for the widest to the narrowest searches. The user can search for terms in all the Océano dictionaries or choose from a list which ones to search.

The Océano Diccionarios database is constantly updated with new content and previous content is revised. Océano’s editorial team has improved each entry or grammar description to ensure the searches provide the most relevant information.

Océano Diccionarios has in its databases over 350,000 entries from different dictionaries available to the user:

  • Spanish Language Dictionary (S)
  • Synonyms and Antonyms Dictionary (S)
  • Spanish-English Dictionary / English-Spanish Dictionary (B)
  • Spanish-French Dictionary / Français-Espagnol Dictionary (B)
  • Spanish-German Dictionary / Deutsch-Spanisch Dictionary (B)
  • Spanish-Portuguese Dictionary / Português-Espanhol Dictionary (B)
  • Grammar: Spanish, English, French, German, Portuguese

(S): Dictionaries in Spanish | (B): Bilingual Dictionaries


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Technical Description

Océano Diccionarios is a web application that provides access to a large database. The product’s technical features are the following:

  • Developed with technology J2EE (JAVA), via Servlet Engine, using de facto standards (frameworks MVC, etc) that have been proven and extended in the market.
  • More powerful and in continuous improvement because of the biweekly updates to the XML documentary.
  • Housed in its own servers that have proven high performance, which allows access to a high number of users, with an exceptional response time.
  • All the information is accessible as HTML type documents using XML as the base format.
  • Managed, indexed and accessible information through a powerful document manager.
  • Supported by a powerful database manager.
  • System of user information and statistics extraction and analysis.
  • Compatible with different navigator types and versions.
  • Interface designed prioritizing utility and facility of access to the information.
  • Integration of advanced multimedia elements by using universal web technologies like Flash, Java, or Shockwave.
  • Incorporation of the latest developments and innovations that are in constant investigation by the development team.
  • Support provided by a team specialized in client attention.
  • Guarantee of permanent access thanks to technical support available 24x7.

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