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Resource center in Spanish, accessible via the Internet
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An information center, with contents about Health, Nursing and Medicine, oriented towards patients, consumers and paramedics alike. A support tool to the learning process of students and to the daily tasks of professionals.

A resource center, accessible via the Internet, that gives you content specifically designed for medicine, nursing and health matters.

As it contains such a wide variety of information, the database is useful for all those ones interested in health.

Over 25 000 articles in Spanish and 53 000 graphics&illustrations on Medicine, Nursing and Health care.
You will be able to consult Reference Titles, specialized Publications, Protocols, Medical Dictionaries, etc.
Its wide database includes various types of sources of information.
It gives us a complete picture from a practical as well as a theoretical point of view.
From the widest search to the most restricted one, it returns relevant results.
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