What is Océano Aula de Padres?

Specifically developed for parents, Océano Aula de Padres is a resource center that gives you access to over 20,000 full text articles in Spanish and provides the most suitable answer easily and at once.

Océano Aula de Padres is a web-based product that provides instant, simple and efficient access to a large quantity of information. Its broad database contains information on children's Education and Health. The product has an advanced search engine, developed exclusively by Oc ano, which allows you to surf effortlessly through the database. Whether you want to make the widest or narrowest of searches, you will always get the most relevant results.

What can I find in Océano Aula de Padres?

Over 20,000 articles in Spanish are available with content specific to all Spanish-speaking countries. Océano Aula de Padres is built around a broad database that includes information from a variety of sources. Each article has been revised and indexed by the Oc ano editorial team.

  • Reference material. This primarily comes from Oceano’s own sources and can be classified as objective facts as it is information you would find in encyclopaedias.
  • Articles from magazines and specialized periodicals. Articles in the database come from selected publications.
  • Anatomical atlases. Approximately 300 anatomical diagrams covering the whole of the human body.
  • Dictionary. Medicina Oc ano Mosby, Psicolog a and Medicinas Alternativas.

What kinds of searches can I do on Océano Aula de Padres?

In order to make Océano Aula de Padres a useful tool for everybody, both efficient and precise, the editorial team in charge of this have completed an exhaustive analysis and manual highlighting of all the documents.

Océano Aula de Padres gives you a variety of ways to carry out your search:

  • Simple Search
  • Advanced Search
  • Subject Search
  • Dictionary
  • Anatomical Atlas
  • Frequently Asked Questions

How can I gain access to Océano Aula de Padres?

There are two ways to access Océano Aula de Padres:
1. Through your library or portal on the Internet, this will give you direct access to the product. To do this you will have to identify your network through your public IPs.

2. Through a password which will allow you access directly from this page.

Océano Aula de Padres is a fee-paying product. It is aimed primarily at users who gain access in public libraries, universities, schools and other institutions.

If you are interested in receiving more information, or you would like to evaluate the product, please contact us by sending an email to [email protected], specifying your name and the country from which you require access.

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