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Resource Center in Spanish accessible via the Internet
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The best tool to help in the learning and research process, specifically designed and developed for the students in the first years of college, it has the most subject coverage in the Spanish language.

An information center available via the Internet, that provides access to the largest subject area coverage in the Spanish language.

Over 100 reference tittles as well as an extensive collection of periodicals with an integrated search engine that gives access to articles from over 80 publications.

Its broad database provides ample coverage to all the areas of knowledge.
Each article has been revised and carefully edited by a team of professionals at Oceano.
Numerous realiable and updated sources of information, which also includes periodical publications.
Over 191,000 article in Spanish and 40,000 images&graphics are available.
It has potent search engines with the recent advances in Computational Linguistics.
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